1ml Dual Vaccinator Gun Eryvac-Glanvac Zoetis

$159.50 (Inc GST)
Brand: Zoetis
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1. How does the Dual Vaccinator work?

The Dual Vaccinator features two fixed 1mL barrels, one for Glanvac and one for Eryvac. When the plunger is depressed, Glanvac and Eryvac are combined at the rear of the vaccinator in a 2mL reservoir before travelling through a single barrel and needle. Delivering two vaccines at the same injection site saves time and maximises convenience. The Dual Vaccinator is only registered for use with Glanvac and Eryvac

2. What does co-administration of Glanvac and Eryvac using the Dual Vaccinator mean?

Co-administration of Glanvac and Eryvac means the two vaccines can now be delivered through the same needle at a single injection site. This means one less job at a busy time like lamb marking or pre-lambing. The Glanvac-Eryvac Dual Vaccinator is only registered for use with Glanvac and Eryvac. The APVMA has approved only Glanvac and Eryvac for use with the Dual Vaccinator based on Zoetis studies that demonstrated efficacy (measured using serological outcomes such as antibody titres) that was comparable to that of each vaccine administered separately, with an acceptable safety profile.

3. Can I use the Dual Vaccinator to administer other products?

No. Only Glanvac and Eryvac have been shown to be safe and effective when co-administered through the Dual Vaccinator. Therefore only Glanvac and Eryvac are registered by the APVMA for co-administration through the Dual Vaccinator. To achieve this registration, Zoetis conducted studies to prove that administration of Glanvac and Eryvac at the same injection site, through a single needle, resulted in efficacy comparable to that of each vaccine administered separately. In addition, these studies demonstrated that there were no impacts on safety. For example, there was no increase in injection site reactions when Glanvac and Eryvac were administered at the same site. Any other product has not been evaluated. There is a risk of injection site reactions and decreased vaccine efficacy where any other product is administered through the Dual Vaccinator

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