Tomato Plant Food 500g

$12.00 (Inc GST)
Brand: Unspecified
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Debco Plant Food for Tomatoes is a complete, balanced fast acting feed for use on tomatoes that are grown in the ground or in pots. Because Debco Plant Food for Tomatoes is applied in liquid form, nutrients are quickly absorbed by the rotos adn leabves ensuring rapid results. Debco Plant Food for Tomatoes is also suitable for other flowering plants or for use in hanging baskets.

  • Measure plant food as directed with spoon provided
  • Water early in the morning or late in the afternoon to reduce evaporation


  • Nitrogen as potassium nitrate 7.4%
  • Nitrogen as mono ammonium sulphate 1.0%
  • Nitrogen as Ammonium Sulfate 4.1%
  • Total nitrogen 14%
  • Total phosphorus as mono ammonium phosphate 20.3%
  • Magnesium as magnesium sulphate 1.3%
  • Iron as EDTA 0.4%
  • Manganese as EDTA 0.02%
  • Sulphur as sulphates 8.6%
  • Iron as ferrous sulphate 0.04%
  • Calcium present as calcium sulphate 1.0%

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