Solar Snake Repellent

$56.50 (Inc GST)
Brand: Unspecified
1 - 9 10+
Inc. $56.50 $48.40
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Reduce the risk of a snake bite!

Help protect your family, pets and property from venomous snakes with our Solar Snake Repellers!
Here in Australia, we are blessed with a diverse and thriving population of wildlife, including the dashing Eastern Brown Snake, the feisty Tiger Snake and the majestic Taipan. The downside is that these unique and beautiful creatures are capable of harming us if we are not careful!
An effective Solar powered repellent
The snake repellers create pulsing vibrations through the ground. These waves simulate danger and can effectively repel snakes and drive them from an area without harming them or other wildlife. Set up multiple repellers to provide a permanent safety barrier around your property. The snake repellers are also portable and can even be used on camping trips for peace of mind on the go!

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