Seclira 454gm Fly Bait

$55.00 (Inc GST)
Brand: BASF
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Seclira® Pressurised Fly Bait from BAST is a new ground breaking, ready-to-use pressurised bait, enabling users to simply and precisely place bait where nuisance flies naturally go. Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait is powered by a unique, fast-acting active ingredient which, when applied to surfaces, dries clear and has no odour. Apply it to surfaces as a spot, or band treatment to control nuisance flies in seconds and provide up to 6-weeks residual efficacy.


How to use:

Apply to solid structures such as walls, fences, benches and garbage bins as an area or band spray as described on the next page. Avoid applying this product to dusty/ dirty surfaces. For season-long control, monthly applications may be required, depending on the situation and duration of the fly season.


How it works:

Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait is not a conventional residual spray and therefore does not work by flies simply contacting a sprayed surface.

The attractants within this bait mean that flies will be attracted to and subsequently attempt to feed on treated surfaces. They will then pick up a lethal dose. Because of this bait function, only portions of vertical surfaces need to be treated.

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