Racumin 8 10kg 8 g/kg Coumatetralyl

$616.00 (Inc GST)
Brand: Bayer Animal Health
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Racumin 8 Rodenticide is a powered bait concentrate used for the control of rats and mice. It contains Coumatetralyl, a first generation anticoagulant that works through a multi-feed system. Unlike second and third generation baits, coumatetralyl is metabolised quickly so dead rodents carry very low residues; this decreases the risk of secondary poisoning to pets or wildlife who may scavenge on the dead rodents. Racumin 8 is unique in its application; it can be used as a tracking powder or dry bait. The tracking powder will result in rodents licking the poison off their feet and fur while grooming, reducing the risk of bait shyness and making it ideal to use when food sources are plentiful. Custom made baits can also be prepared by mixing with grains and seeds to make a dry bait. Racumin 8 can be used around the farm, in industry buildings and crop situations as part of a rodent control strategy.

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