Multitags Stamping 2 Sides

$17.60 (Inc GST)
Brand: Leader
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Approved NLIS Identifier

For effective identification of Sheep, Goats and Deer. Joined in strips of 10 for fast, easy application. Tough material to suit Australian conditions. Easy and fast, one operation application. Self piercing, tag cannot fall out. Heat resistant and ultra violet light stabilised.

Multi Tags can also be used to identify various types of Seafood.


A1 Dark Red CODE 5411
A2 Blue CODE 5412
A3 Lemon CODE 5413
A4 Black CODE 5414
A5 Dark Green CODE 5415
B1 Orange CODE 5416
B2 Royal Blue CODE 5417
B3 Yellow CODE 5418
B4 Brown CODE 5419
B5 Pink CODE 5420
C1 Red CODE 5421
C2 Sky Blue CODE 5422
C4 Purple CODE 5423
D2 Light Green CODE 5424
D5 White CODE 5425
E1 Grey CODE 5426

Custom Marking

Tags can be custom-marked using Laser Marking or Foil Stamping. Please note that Multi Tags used for Laser Marking vary slightly in colour to maximise readability.

Multi Tags One Side Marking

CODE 5430

Multi Tags Two Sides Marking

CODE 5430.1

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