Mr Crystal Tank Repair Kit 4kg

$134.95 (Inc GST)
Brand: Unspecified
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Mr Crystal Concrete Tank Repair Kit is the simple answer to repairing all those leaking concrete tanks and troughs. Whether they be on your farm, small property or even a household block, Mr Crystal will provide the means of easily repairing any leaks you may have in any concrete water holding structure.  

Used correctly, Mr Crystal will help you rejuvenate concrete structures for the retention of liquid by the formation of insoluble crystals in the capillary tracts of the concrete. Mr Crystal has a reputation of being a cost effective, successful product, easily used by landholders and giving vastly superior results in its field.

Mr Crystal is applied to the surface of the concrete. Within concrete are millions of tiny voids. Mr Crystal migrates through these voids by osmosis and capillarary action, generating in-soluble crystals as it travels. Mr Crystal is in fact a catalyst, which causes your existing concrete to grow in-soluble crystals. This means you have a large amount of material in the structure, which can generate in-soluble crystals without adding material that will expand cracks. Mr Crystal is stimulated by the by-products of your existing concrete and hydration. This means, each time water is present within the substrate, Mr Crystal will activate.

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