Hi Tec Engine Oil Diesel Syn Fleetmaster 15W40 CJ4 20L

$142.00 (Inc GST)
Brand: Hi Tec
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Hi-Tec Fleetmaster CJ-4 15W/40 is a premium heavy duty diesel engine oil ideal for multifleet applications covering prime movers, medium and light diesels as well as 2 and 4WD vehicles.
Suitable for normally aspirated and turbo charged engines.
It sustains the effective performance of advanced exhaust-gas after-treatment systems and protects againsts catalyst poisoning.
Suitable for most vehicles fitted with DPF systems.
  • Formulated using synthetic technology base oils and is designed specifically for the harsh conditions of Australia.
  • A diesel engine oil which exceeds many international specifications for top performance and long service life in four stroke turbo-charged and normally aspirated diesel engines.
  • Uniquely formulated to promote the highest standards of engine cleanliness in modern highly stressed turbocharged engines.
  • It very effectively controls and inhibits bore polishing tendencies, high oil consumption rates and premature wear.

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