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    Cypress Colours Mulch 50L Vibrant Red

    Rocky Point Mulching’s Organic Cypress Mulch is made from the blending and grinding of by-products left from the controlled forestry timber milling of the cypress pine.

    A natural termite deterrent, Cypress Mulch is red to brown in colour and will become a feature of your garden with its vibrant colour and fragrant smell.

    • Termite deterrent
    • Provides a huge saving in watering costs
    • Improves soil structure for acid-loving plants
    • Insulates against extreme hot or cold temperatures
    • Encourages earthworms
    • Cypress Mulch breaks down slowly, enriching the soil through microbial activity
    • Suppresses weed growth
    • 100% organic and natural
    • Highly decorative and aromatic
    • Prevents soil erosion
    $13.50 (Inc GST)
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    Sugar Cane Mulch Red Bag (Covers 10sq m)

    Rocky Point Mulching’s Certified Organic Sugar Cane Mulch is a 100% natural and organic mulch. It provides a simple, safe and cost effective way of maintaining a healthy garden. It's perfect for all gardens and potted plants. Made from an organic, renewable resource; Sugar Cane Mulch is finely chopped and fully dust extracted, making it the best quality and cleanest garden mulch available.

    Rocky Point Mulching is Australia’s only family owned & operated Sugar Cane farm and Sugar Cane Mulch processing plant. 

    • 100% organic and very safe to use when maintaining a healthy garden
    • Very clean - due to our dust extracting processes
    • Slowly breaks down and enriches the soil with nutrient and organic matter
    • Promotes earthworms in soil
    • Protects plants from extreme temperatures
    • Improves moisture penetration and retention by up to 75%
    • Easy to use
    • Excellent for filling raised garden beds
    • Adds essential organic matter to the soil as it breaks down
    • Sugar Cane Mulch is the best all round mulch available on the market
    • Controls weeds, is very clean and has NO SEEDS that sprout
    • A natural, renewable and sustainable resource from sugar cane waste
    $18.70 (Inc GST)
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