Shut off Valves

  • Valve Ball Poly

    The Philmac Blue Handled Ball Valve is ideal for the control of water within a pipe system for use above or below ground.

    The Philmac ball valve offers 1600kPa pressure rating with the added benefits of a shouldered spindle and double o-rings. 
    This Australian made champion still retains the key values of being easy to operate, compact and offering high flow operation. 
    Made in Australia for Australian conditions, the valves are available with the new ergonomic blue handle or can be assembled with a purple handle for recycled water applications.

    $38.43 (Inc GST)
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  • Valve Ball Nickel /Brass

    Featuring brass construction and single lever handle operation, a Guyco ball valve is designed to control water flow, allowing water isolation and pipes/taps to be shut off at the point of the ball valve.

    $15.40 (Inc GST)
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  • Gate Valve Brass BSP

    • Brass gate valve
    • Pressure Rating: 1600kPa/235psi
    $17.60 (Inc GST)
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