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    Feedlotting Lamb Mix 1000kg Compass (inc grains)

    $880.00 (Inc GST)
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    Lambgrow Pellet 25kg Compass

    Meeting the protein, energy, vitamin and mineral requirements of lambs when supplementary feeding grain is essential for profitable lamb finishing.

    LAMBGROW PELLET is designed to compliment the essential requirements of Vitamins and Minerals as well as  rumen buffers that are required on a daily basis when grain feeding sheep. Lambs in particular are sensitive to trace mineral imbalances and dietary shortfalls, so, it’s important to the profitability  of supplementary feeding that the key nutrients are delivered each day in a palatable uniform way with consistent intake levels.

    Lambgrow Pellet from Compass Feeds is a flexible, low inclusion product that is designed to be fed in a wide range of production strategies including pasture supplementary programs, as an addition to pre-mating grain rations, intensive lamb feedlots  and as an essential additive for ewes with lambs at foot that are being fed high grain diets, or in confinement feeding systems.

    When sheep of all age groups are fed high grain diets and self feeders are used , quick adaption to grain safely is a high requirement. LAMBGROW allows quick feed adaption by Lambs and older Sheep and supports rapid transition to grain based diets with the aid of Bovatec which supports increased feed conversion efficiency and growth rate. Bovatec is also added as a control for coccidiosis in sheep.

    Compass Feeds recommends that 2 x 25kg bags of Lambgrow Pellet be used in the first few weeks of feeding, timing changes during the starting phase is critical in lamb and sheep feeding management. Once lambs and sheep have adapted to grain, then reduce the quantity to 25 kg to the tonne of finished feed.

    Free Flowing consistently sized uniform pellet.

    Calcium, Salt, Magnesium, Sulphur, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Cobalt, Iodine, Cereal grains, Legumes and Legume by products , Vitamins A, D, E and B1.
    This product also contains Bovatec 150™ and other buffers including Sodium Bicarbonate.

    Dose rate:
    Mix 50 kg of Lambgrow Pellet with 1 tonne of finished for 2 weeks.
    Reduce to 1 x 25 kg bag per tonne of Finished feed for balance of feed time.

    $48.95 (Inc GST)
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    Magforce 20kg

    $44.55 (Inc GST)
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    Profelac Silver/Milktech silver 20kg

    Provico Profelac Silver Calf Milk Replacer, 20kg, is recommended as a milk replacer for calves and foals after receiving sufficient intake and optimum benefit from first colostrum. ProfeLAC Silver is ideal for rearing dairy and beef calves on the farm of origin or small numbers of bobby calves, where the risk of calf disease is relatively low.

      Designed as a premium milk formula - ideally suiting for rearing:
    • dairy and beef calves on the farm of origin
    • calves following organic principles
    • small numbers of bobby calves not confined to small pens
    • environments where the risk of disease is relatively low
    • orphan foals on stud or pleasure farms
      Typical Analysis:
    • Min. Crude Protein: 25%
    • Min. Fat: 20%
    • Min. Lactose: 40%
    • Max. Crude Fibre: 0%
    $159.50 (Inc GST)
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    Profelac Shepherd 16kg Lamb Milk

    ProfeLAC Shepherd is Australia?s leading milk replacer specifically formulated for lamb-kid-cria rearing systems to provide orphaned newborns the start of a lifetime.
    ProfeLAC Shepherd has been blended from selected ingredients to offer an easy-to-mix, highly digestible milk feed ideal for rearing infant farms animals.
    ProfeLAC Shepherd is suitable for rearing lambs, kids, crias, pups, fawns, piglets, foals, ponies, calves, other farm animals and as a supplement to the diet of adult dogs.
    Easy-mix technology and milk-soluble innovation ensures consistent premium quality and value for money.

    • Suitable for rearing all farm animals
    • Australia?s leading Lamb-Kid-Cria (Alpaca) milk replacer
    • Pack sizes to suit commercial and hobby farmers
    • Easy mixing formula
    $148.50 (Inc GST)
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    .Red Hen Free Range 20kg In Green Bag

    Red Hen Free Range Layer is a high energy premium quality poultry breeder and layer food formulated to be fed to all classes of breeding and laying poultry. This high specification diet is nutritionally balanced for essential nutrients necessary for high production, fertility and hatchability.

    Red Hen Free Range Layer is a mixture of whole and rolled grains fortified with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients which are included in a micro pellet, coated with vegetable oil and molasses.

    This is a medication and meat free diet.

    $31.00 (Inc GST)
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    Xtra Egg 1000kg Bulka Extra Layer Pellets

    $786.50 (Inc GST)
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    .Xtra Egg 20kg Extra Layer Pellets

    Xtra Egg is a premium quality home layer food formulated to be fed to backyard layers from point of lay. The protein of Xtra Egg is balanced for essential amino acids, particularly methionine, to improve egg size and production.

    Xtra Egg pellets should be fed ad lib. from point of lay (approximately 18 weeks of age) along with cool, clean, fresh water.

    Hens will enjoy eating fresh household food scraps, grass and lawn clippings but it may be necessary to restrict access to these in order to prevent nutritional imbalances.

    Access to green grass which contains natural colouring pigments will further enhance egg yolk colour and produce a rich and attractive yolk.

    Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.

    $22.00 (Inc GST)
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