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    Cypress Colours Mulch 50L Vibrant Red

    Rocky Point Mulching’s Organic Cypress Mulch is made from the blending and grinding of by-products left from the controlled forestry timber milling of the cypress pine.

    A natural termite deterrent, Cypress Mulch is red to brown in colour and will become a feature of your garden with its vibrant colour and fragrant smell.

    • Termite deterrent
    • Provides a huge saving in watering costs
    • Improves soil structure for acid-loving plants
    • Insulates against extreme hot or cold temperatures
    • Encourages earthworms
    • Cypress Mulch breaks down slowly, enriching the soil through microbial activity
    • Suppresses weed growth
    • 100% organic and natural
    • Highly decorative and aromatic
    • Prevents soil erosion
    $13.50 (Inc GST)
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    Solar Snake Repellent

    Reduce the risk of a snake bite!

    Help protect your family, pets and property from venomous snakes with our Solar Snake Repellers!
    Here in Australia, we are blessed with a diverse and thriving population of wildlife, including the dashing Eastern Brown Snake, the feisty Tiger Snake and the majestic Taipan. The downside is that these unique and beautiful creatures are capable of harming us if we are not careful!
    An effective Solar powered repellent
    The snake repellers create pulsing vibrations through the ground. These waves simulate danger and can effectively repel snakes and drive them from an area without harming them or other wildlife. Set up multiple repellers to provide a permanent safety barrier around your property. The snake repellers are also portable and can even be used on camping trips for peace of mind on the go!

    $56.50 (Inc GST)
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    Yates Soil Saturator 1lt

    Combination of soil wetting agent, liquid clay breaker, trace elements and seaweed. Soil wetting agent allows water to penetrate water repellent soils. Liquid clay breaker softens hard clay soil and improves soil structure. Trace elements, including chelated iron, improve plant growth and encourage deep green foliage. Seaweed is a natural plant growth promotant. Economical concentrated formula for larger gardens – makes up to 600L of soil wetter. Can be used to treat both the garden and potted plants.


    • For use on garden beds and potted plants.
    • Contains a combination of fast acting wetting agents and soil conditions that improve moisture penetration of water repellent soils and aid soil structure.
    • Includes trace elements for added vitality and healthier plants.
    • Includes seaweed which is a natural plant growth promoter.
    • Convenient to use and easy-to-apply, just mix with water in a watering can.


    Wetting agent, soil conditioner, trace elements and seaweed (Liquid clay breaker = soil conditioner).


    $17.00 (Inc GST)
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    Kincrome Pressure Sprayer 5lt

    • Plunger Pump
    • Viton® Seals
    • 300mm Brass Lance
    • 1.3m Braided Hose
    • Pressure Release Valve
    • Trigger Lock
    • Handy Carry Strap

    $49.50 (Inc GST)
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    Sugar Cane Mulch Red Bag (Covers 10sq m)

    Rocky Point Mulching’s Certified Organic Sugar Cane Mulch is a 100% natural and organic mulch. It provides a simple, safe and cost effective way of maintaining a healthy garden. It's perfect for all gardens and potted plants. Made from an organic, renewable resource; Sugar Cane Mulch is finely chopped and fully dust extracted, making it the best quality and cleanest garden mulch available.

    Rocky Point Mulching is Australia’s only family owned & operated Sugar Cane farm and Sugar Cane Mulch processing plant. 

    • 100% organic and very safe to use when maintaining a healthy garden
    • Very clean - due to our dust extracting processes
    • Slowly breaks down and enriches the soil with nutrient and organic matter
    • Promotes earthworms in soil
    • Protects plants from extreme temperatures
    • Improves moisture penetration and retention by up to 75%
    • Easy to use
    • Excellent for filling raised garden beds
    • Adds essential organic matter to the soil as it breaks down
    • Sugar Cane Mulch is the best all round mulch available on the market
    • Controls weeds, is very clean and has NO SEEDS that sprout
    • A natural, renewable and sustainable resource from sugar cane waste
    $18.70 (Inc GST)
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    White Oil 500ml

    $15.00 (Inc GST)
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