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    Yates Lawn Weedkiller 500ml

    Yates Lawn Weedkiller 500ml Bindii and Clover Dicamba 25g/L MCPA 150g/l

    Controls bindii, clover and other broadleaf weeds such as dandelions in many types of lawns. 

    • Combination of two selective weedkillers, which allows a broad spectrum of weeds to be controlled.
    • Economical – 500mL treats more than 330m2 of lawn.
    • Child resistant cap.
    • Easy to use measure bottle.


    (Not suitable for Buffalo lawns).

    $11.00 (Inc GST)
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    Root Rid 900gm

    • Unique product on the market
    • Safe for septic & sewer systems
    • Dissolves roots in pipes and drains
    • Safe to plants, only dissolves root, will not hurt the plant
    • Cleans and removes plant growth in septics
    • Well recognized brand - strong demand
    $25.30 (Inc GST)
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    Rose Gun 750ml

    Kills insect pests and mites on contact and systemically works from within the plant to control insect pests and diseases. For use on roses and ornamentals in the home garden.


    • Controls the most common rose pest & disease problems.
    • Highly effective combination of a low toxic synthetic pyrethoid insecticide, a systemic insecticide and a systemic broad spectrum fungicide.
    • The insecticide works via both contact and stomach action, and the systemic insecticide and fungicide are absorbed into the plant’s system and is translocated around the plant to control disease – works from the inside out.
    • Controls mites and whitefly.
    • Easy-to-use trigger pack – no mixing required, no measuring, no mess.


    How It Works:
    Systemic insecticide and fungicide + contact insecticide

    Imidaclorprid, Tau-fluvalinate & myclobutanil


    $11.35 (Inc GST)
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    Tomato & Vegetable Dust 500gm Yates

    Controls caterpillars, leaf spots & other insect pests & diseases on tomatoes in the home garden.

    • Saves time, offers both insect and fungus control in the one product.
    • Easy to use shaker pack, no mixing, no spraying required.
    • Controls tomato grub, potato moth (tomato leaf miner), tomato mite and other mites.
    • Controls early blight (target spot), late blight, septoria leaf spot.
    Active Ingredients: 400g/kg SULFUR (S) present as elemental sulfur, 40g/kg COPPER present as copper oxychloride, 0.5g/kg SPINOSAD


    How it Works: Sulfur and Copper Oxychloride act as protectant fungicides. Sulfur is also a miticide. Spinosad, an insecticide derived from natural soil bacteria, controls tomato grubs and potato moth (tomato leaf miner).



    $12.50 (Inc GST)
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    Tree Killer 500ml 50g/l Triclopyr

    Tree, shrub and creeper killer

    50g/L Triclopyr

    $24.75 (Inc GST)
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    ZERO Weedkiller 750ml Yates Fast Action

    A faster acting formulation which is an extremely effective, easy and economical way to rapidly kill weeds and grasses.

    Ideal for rockeries, garden beds, paths, driveways, along fencilines and lawn edges or before planting new lawns and gardens.


    • Ready to use.
    • Kills weeds roots and all.
    • Is not active in the soil (non-residual).
    • Rainproof after 6 hours.


    Non-selective herbicide and could kill wanted plants and grasses if they are sprayed.
    In lawns, use as a spot treatment only.


    Weeds Controlled:
    Broad lead weeds and grasses including: annual ryegrass, bamboo, barnyard grass, brome grass, buffalo, couch, dandelion, guinea grass, kikuyu, lantana, nutgrass, onion weed, oxalis species (soursob), paspalum, rhodes grass, sorrel, St John's wort, winter grass.

    How to Apply:
    Apply to actively growing plants when soil is moist and when most have reached the early head stage. SPray all foliage until just wet. Repeat treatment for perennial species. Apply to onion weed and oxalis species (soursob) when flowering. 

    $14.00 (Inc GST)
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