- How do I get help?

We don’t want to leave you in the lurch – so our Support team is here to help you! You can contact us by calling 08 8847 4109 Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm AEDT. Or see our contact us page to send us an email.

- How do I get a tax invoice for my online order?

A tax invoice will be included with the goods sent. We can always resend an invoice if you need it, just get in touch with our team by calling 08 8847 4109 between 9.00am and 5.00pm AEDT. Or see our contact us page to send us an email.

- Why aren’t all your stocked items available online?

We would love to share our entire range with your, but unfortunately our online store only carries selected stock items to buy, otherwise it would be too huge to manage! If you can’t see an item online that you know we sell, just give us a call and we can process an order for you through one of our stores.

- Can I still buy an item if it is ‘sold out’?

Yes we can still process orders for sold out items. However, the product will show on your order as 'backorder'. If it’s a standard product, we should have it back in stock very soon. Feel free to call our team and make sure we have product put aside for you as soon as it gets back on our shelves. Call 08 8847 4109 between 9am and 5.00pm AEDT to contact us and secure an order.

- How do I search for an item I’m looking to buy?

That’s easy. Just use the search box in the centre top of screen and type in the keywords you are looking for. Alternatively, if you know the suppliers brand of product you are looking for, click on the Brands tab on the top bar and click on the supplier’s name. Our website will then display a list of the products we have for that supplier.

- How do I make changes to My Shopping Basket?

If you need to alter quantities or delete a product from your shopping basket you can do so at time of checkout, or click on the shopping basket icon on the top right of screen to view what is currently in your basket. You can make alterations as needed..


- So… what does ‘AW Vater’ mean? Who are you guys.

AW stands for Allen William. Allen William Vater is the man who started our family business over 60 years ago. He was a country icon. A hard worker and true to his word. He tried to supply farmers with what he could, and today we try to service every need of the rural community, just like AW taught us to. His children and grandchildren still own and run the family business. See our About Us History page.

- You seem like a small business, are you sure I can trust you?

Of course! We aren’t big corporates, we are very real people. We believe being a small family team gives us an advantage over the competition. Because we care. YOU matter to us. So you can rest assured we will go over the top to make sure your buying experience is completely satisfactory - No, wait. Enjoyable even! And if you’re not 100% satisfied or happy with our service, we beg you to let us know and tell us how to improve – see our Contact Us page.

- I have an account with you in store, so I don’t want to pay straight up online.

No worries. We have integrated our state of the art IT system into our website. Once you have your login details, just choose what you want online, go through the checkout and your order will be processed on your account and come through onto your monthly green statement. Easy peasy.

- Where do I get my customer login details from?****

**NEED TO CONFIRM WHAT WE’RE DOING*** If you don’t already have a copy of your login details, please give us a call on 08 8847 4109 between 9am and 5.00pm AEDT.

- I want to buy some bigger items that will cost a lot in freight, how is this going to work?

Trust us, we hate paying for costly freight as much as you do! That’s why instead of trying to calculate weight costs at the time of purchase, we will look at each bulky order individually to work out what delivery system is best and cheapest for you. Process through the checkout and we will contact you with our best options to see what suits you best.

- Oh wow. You sell dog food?

Yes of course we do. He’s your most loyal farmhand. You can find heaps of supplies for your best mate here, we also sell worming and flea treatments, collars and beds to keep him happy. And don’t forget we also sell cat, budgie and parrot food as well, to keep the whole zoo happy.

- I know what I want to buy, but I need to come into store soon anyway, what should I do?

If you want to make sure you’ve checked off a list so you don’t forget anything when you come in for a cuppa, or if you can’t wait for the post to deliver, just process an order and in the checkout process click ‘Pick Up’ from the delivery options. You will then get a choice of what store you want to collect from, and your order will be waiting in store next time you are in. (Just give us a little bit of time to process and make up your orders first. We like to think we are efficient, but we aren’t magicians. See our shipping page**** to see how long you should wait, or just give us a call to make sure we process yours sooner.)

-  The item I want says it’s low on stock and I want to pick it up from your store, will both stores have stock still so I can collect my order?

Unfortunately, since our stock is store based and we don’t have the luxury of a huge warehouse, some items may be listed as ‘stocked’ or ‘low stock’ but may not be available for pick up at one of our store locations. If you have paid for the item, and want to pick up, we will contact you to let you know are waiting on stock to arrive. We have daily freight between both stores so it shouldn’t take long to fulfil pick up orders. We hope you will be understanding to give us time to juggle the logistics, but we will do our best to make sure your order is in on time!

- I’m new to this internet thing, can’t I just buy my gear in store?

We love seeing you in store! Come in a have a cuppa, and tell us how things are going. We understand some people want the old fashioned instore experience, but we also know that times are changing and there is a need to be able to order online as well. We want to cater for all our customer’s needs.

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